On to the Good Life

November 8, 2007

Life surely is what we each make of it, no excuses. When we finally decide that we control our health, wealth and ultimate happiness we have positioned ourselves to have it all. With this important life decision we can start seeing the positive side of things more consistently over the negative and that is when we can harness the power of our ability to attract what we want. Hate your job, hate where you live, don’t have good loving relationships, you have a host of negative reasons why this is your life? Then perhaps it is time for a change, if you continue only doing, thinking and feeling the way you always have, then change can never happen for you. Taking positive steps toward change can only happen when you decide what you do and don’t want and then only focus on what you do want, exclusively, no excuses, you accept full responsibility for your reality. Once you really commit to positive change you can see and accept the action steps to make change happen and get what you want. When you only see the negative reasons for your condition with a ton of excuses, you are trapped. If you want financial freedom, time freedom, loving relationships and a passion for living and giving, which boil down to happiness in this life for most people. Then decide to think out the box about how to get there. Most of us are taught to focus on our lives from a blame and excuse perspective and from a, what can I do, its out of my control, no way out thinking.. Wrong, the way out has always been available to each of us, it starts with no more excuses, no more blame game, adopt a positive burning desire to change, do things differently, think out of your current box. Start appreciating the people in your life, be kind and generous, if you hate your job, be open to new ideas for creating income. If you want better health start changing how and what you eat, add supplements to balance your body and start an exercise program. Find areas of life that you are passionate about and pursue them. All good things that can happen in life come from change and the acceptance of responsibility for what we want in life. It ultimately is up to us. ON TO THE GOOD LIFE


Hello world!

November 7, 2007

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